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Why Annual Backflow Testing Is So Important

Though they’re preventable, backflow incidents continue to occur across the state. These incidents lead to boil water advisories, municipal water supply contamination, and other issues, and it’s because of these risks that bi-annual backflow testing is legally required. As a local business owner, you may wonder why and if you need to perform these tests. We have you covered, and we’ll answer all your backflow testing questions in this easy guide.

What Is Backflow Testing and Is It Required In South Florida?

Since 1990, Florida’s building codes have required that residential and commercial irrigation systems have backflow prevention systems in place. The state mandates bi-yearly testing to prevent the contamination of the public water supply. No matter the size or configuration of your irrigation system, our licensed plumbers can perform backflow tests that meet the state’s requirements.

What Is Backflow and How Does a Backflow Preventer Work?

When South Florida plumbing systems work properly, water moves in one direction. For instance, drain lines carry wastewater away from the area’s homes and businesses, while water supply lines carry fresh water into buildings. When water flows in the opposite direction, it’s known as backflow. When backflow occurs, it’s a serious problem because of the risk of water contamination. Exposure to dirty water can lead to serious safety and health risks, but backflow prevention devices can minimize the chances of such a disaster. Backflow preventers are best thought of as entryways that connect South Florida plumbing systems to municipal pipes. They let potable water in while keeping wastewater out of the city’s water supply. Call today to schedule a visit by one of our certified plumbers.

Why Is Backflow Such a Big Problem?

Most of the time, plumbers in South Florida deal with problems such as sewer and drain clogs. While these issues are serious, they often pale in comparison to the challenges posed by backflow. These incidents are rarely discussed, but they’re surprisingly common. When wastewater and chemicals make their way into the water supply, it may lead to skin burns, respiratory issues, and other injuries. One milliliter of sewage contains up to one million microorganisms, and that alone is a good reason to schedule regular backflow testing by a plumber in South Florida.

The Need For Regular Backflow Prevention Testing

Backflow prevention devices have a lifespan of roughly 40 years. While that sounds impressive, it’s important to remember that these systems consist of numerous moving parts. Springs, screws, seals, bolts, and nuts don’t last as long as the backflow valve structure does. With use and with time, they’ll break down, which will lead you to ask “How do I know if my backflow preventer is broken?” Any malfunction within a backflow preventer can lead to the complete failure of your commercial plumbing system. Problematic systems typically have delayed response times, and in severe cases, they won’t work at all. It’s because of these potential problems that regular backflow testing is essential. With these tests, a South Florida plumber can check systems for signs of premature wear. From there, they will perform backflow replacements and repairs to keep the devices from failing. Bi-yearly backflow prevention testing minimizes the risk of water contamination. These crucial inspections keep wastewater from flowing into the municipal water supply, and they also ensure that the public water stays clean and safe to consume.

The Most Common Backflow Issues

Backflow prevention systems typically include two check valves. If both valves malfunction, a disastrous backflow may occur. The first valve opens at a specific water pressure, which is usually 2 PSI. If there’s a problem, though, it may open at a lower pressure. The second valve is designed to prevent backpressure-related backflow. If this component fails, water may get past it. In other instances, backflow preventers fail because of a too-high or too-low opening point. Either issue will negatively affect the performance of the entire assembly. Our qualified plumbers can service and replace these systems, which prevents water contamination and other issues.

Regular Testing Stops Backflow Before It Starts

Now that you’ve learned what backflow is and how it’s prevented, it’s time to look for a reliable testing company. We’re authorized by the state to conduct these assessments, and we’d love to put our experience to work for you. If you’re living or working in South Florida, we can help keep your irrigation system and your residential plumbing in great shape. No matter how big or small your plumbing problem is, you can count on us for quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We’re a team of friendly, professional, and local plumbers, and we invite you to get in touch with us today. Call or click to learn more about backflow testing or to schedule an annual backflow test or backflow repair appointment with the best plumbers in the area.

Annual Backflow Testing

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