Backflow Repair Near Me

Backflow Repair Near Me

Backflow prevention systems, as implied by their name, prevent the contamination of drinking water. If there’s a sudden change in water pressure, the system’s check valves will prevent wastewater from getting into the water supply. To keep these systems running smoothly, they must be tested and maintained routinely. Our plumbers in South Florida are proud to provide guaranteed service at reasonable prices. Our bonded, insured, and licensed technicians will explain your options and ensure that your backflow prevention devices work as intended. If you are looking for the most reputable company for Backflow Repair Near Me look no further than SF Plumbing & Backflow!

Backflow testing pricing starts at $57.


​Backflow: What Is It?

Backflow is the reverse flow of contaminated water into fresh water supply lines. Cities and towns control the water’s quality up to private property boundaries. When backflow happens, water from private land may be pulled or pushed back into the water supply. Backflow may be isolated to a single property when a source such as an irrigation system pulls or pushes wastewater back into the supply system.

The Causes of Backflow

Backflow problems occur when water is pushed or pulled into a system due to a decrease in water pressure. Sudden high usage and ruptured water mains may lead to backflow. In some cases, backpressure happens when a private property’s water pressure exceeds that of a municipal water system. Though most issues are attributable to pumps, they can also be traced back to the weight and height of the water used in tall buildings. With backflow preventers that are installed by a South Florida plumber, though, this backpressure can be reduced or eliminated.

Because of Florida’s local and state plumbing codes, backflow prevention devices are required in some homes and most commercial buildings. It’s important that these devices are tested every two to three years depending on their structure. Backflow device testing is done to ensure that potable water isn’t contaminated with chemicals, sewage, and other pollutants. Just like pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing components, backflow prevention devices may suffer damage due to ordinary wear and tear. If it’s been a while since you have had a backflow prevention system test, call our licensed plumbers for an evaluation

Backflow Repair Near Me

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