How Much Does it Cost for Professional Backflow Testing in Florida?

Backflow Testing in Florida

We don’t always think about the importance of having high-quality water until we realize that it is compromised. Water quality that doesn’t meet the needed safety standards for drinking, cleaning, and even gardening will quickly ruin many things at home. For this reason, professional backflow testing is offered by many plumbers. In this blog, we will investigate the purpose of this service and understand how much a typical backflow testing service would cost in Florida.

What is Backflow Testing?

Backflow is a major concern and it happens when the flow of the water in a plumbing system changes directions and flows back into the clean water supply. When the direction of water flow is reversed, the clean water supply can be contaminated not only in the home where it flows out but also in neighboring homes and businesses.

Backflow testing is designed to check for and prevent the contamination of drinking water by wastewater and other contaminants. This test is important as it ensures that there are no pollutants, chemicals, bacteria, or other contaminants entering the public water system.

Factors That Influence Backflow Testing Costs

Though backflow testing is essential, it doesn’t come without a price tag. These types of services are tempting to skip over due to their cost, especially when prices on everything have increased already. However, understanding the factors of the cost of these services will help you be prepared when it is time to test the backflow in your home.

Size and Type of Property

The size and type of property that is being tested for backflow will drive the cost of the service. There are two main considerations for different property types:

  • Residential: when the plumbing system of a typical home is being inspected, there will be a smaller charge for the service, because residential plumbing systems are far less complex.
  • Commercial: properties designed for business needs like stores, restaurants, or office spaces typically have larger plumbing systems with more complex components to inspect. Running a backflow test on this type of property will require more time, equipment, and naturally, a higher cost.

Complexity of the Plumbing System

Plumbing systems in Florida follow the conventional practices that are known in the plumbing industry throughout the country. The features used in the plumbing system impact the process of backflow testing itself specifically when considering the following aspects:

  • Materials of the plumbing system which is typically PVC or copper determine the type of backflow prevention devices that need to be installed. If these materials begin to corrode, backflow testing must be performed more regularly.
  • The water supply system may have specific requirements for the type of backflow prevention system being used along with the required frequency of testing.
  • Many drainage and sewer systems in Florida are made with gravity-based sewer systems. These systems require testing to ensure that there are no potential pathways for backflow.
  • If there is an irrigation system attached to the plumbing outdoors, it will need to be tested to ensure that the additional connections of the system don’t cause fertilizers or pesticides to flow into the main water supply.
  • Hot water systems like tank water heaters or tankless water heaters require backflow testing as well. This helps to ensure that all the cross-connections are in good condition and aren’t causing water to flow in the opposite direction.
  • Because Florida is in a location for hurricanes and flooding, many properties, especially along the coast, require extra backflow, testing to ensure that this plumbing system hasn’t been affected by any severe weather storms. Such storms can cause the flow of the plumbing system to be disrupted.

Location Within Florida

As we all know, the cost that you pay for home services will vary from city to city within any given state. Some cities or regions have a higher cost of living and service costs typically have to be in proportion to the cost of living. In Florida, the most expensive cities to live in include Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. These regions will have more expensive home services like backflow testing in comparison to the less expensive areas like Fort Myers and Hollywood.

Frequency of Testing

In Florida, the cost of backflow testing is also driven by the frequency of testing required for your plumbing system. The frequency is determined based on the age of your plumbing system, the materials used in it, and their condition, and the specific features such as the type of sewer system, and irrigation being used on the property. When you have your first backflow testing done, your plumber will go over all of these features with you and help you determine exactly how often backflow testing is required for your property.

Average Cost Breakdown in Florida

The average cost for backflow testing in Florida will range between $300-$340, depending on the city. We gathered the available data from the top five cities in Florida to help break down these costs below.


Florida City Minimum Cost Average Cost Maximum Cost
Saint Petersburg $92 $329 $666
Miami $92 $328 $664
Fort Myers $84 $304 $614
Orlando $94 $338 $686
Tampa $92 $331 $669


When seeking to hire a professional backflow, testing service for your property, we encourage you to keep in mind, the following tips:

  • Take the time to read reviews, and personal testimonies, or request references from the service provider you are considering.
  • Request multiple quotes from multiple backflow, testing service providers to ensure that you get the best value for your money.
  • Make sure that the service provider you are hiring offers transparency in their prices so that you know how much you owe before the service even begins.
  • Ensure that the person or company you’re hiring for your backflow service testing has the appropriate certification and licensing for the job. You can verify by checking their website.

Call SF Plumbing and Backflow

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