How Much Does it Cost for Professional Waterline Repiping in Florida?

Waterline Repiping in Florida

Waterline piping in Florida is a network of pipes that carry water throughout a home or property. This network of pipes supplies water. to various fixtures, like faucets, showers, toilets, and even appliances. This is a very important component of the plumbing system as it ensures a reliable and efficient water supply That meets the needs of the entire household.

Sometimes the waterline deteriorates or needs to be replaced necessitating a repiping service. In this blog, we will discuss what goes into waterline repiping in Florida, and the type of cost to expect with this service.

Understanding Waterline Repiping in Florida

Before we dive into understanding the cost associated with waterline repiping in Florida, we must first understand what the service entails. To get a good grasp on the cost, let’s first discuss the types of materials used for the job, the scope of work that is involved, re-piping, and the importance of hiring a professional.

Types of Materials Used

The most common types of materials used in waterline repiping in Florida include copper, PEX, and CPVC. Below, we will provide a brief description of each of these materials.


This material is highly durable and because it is resistant to corrosion, it comes with a long lifespan. Copper is usually more expensive than other materials and may have pinhole leaks down the line.

PEX (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)

PEX is often used when there is little room for the installation of pipes because they fit in tight spaces. Many plumbers love this material for colder temperatures because it expands and contracts, which reduces the risk of bursting pipes.

CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride)

CPVC is a type of plastic that is highly resistant to high temperatures and is suitable for installation for use with hot water appliances. CVC pipes are lightweight and easy to install, making it an easier process when compared to other materials. Because of this, pipes of this material are more cost-effective to install than copper or PEX.


Scope of Work Involved in Waterline Repiping in Florida

Waterline repiping in Florida requires a very large scope of work. Though the extent of work varies, depending on the size of the property, re-piping usually involves several steps, including the following:

  • An initial assessment of the condition of the current waterline piping to identify damage, corrosion, leaks, and other issues that need to be fixed.
  • Planning and design of the new re-piping
  • Pipe replacement of old or damaged pipes
  • Connection of the new pipes to fixtures and appliances
  • Testing and inspection of the newly installed pipes.
  • Cleanup and restoration of the water supply.
  • Documentation of the completed project.
  • Follow up to ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed.

Importance of Hiring a Professional for Waterline Repiping in Florida

As you assess the cost involved, and re-piping a plumbing system, you may be tempted to take on the project yourself to save a couple of dollars here and there. However, we encourage you to think about the following reasons for hiring a professional:

  • Professional plumbers have the experience and expertise required for the job
  • They know how to remain compliant with building codes
  • They will provide quality workmanship. You are looking for a long-lasting waterline system.
  • They will help select the appropriate materials that will suit your plumbing needs best
  • Since plumbers are professionals, in this type of work, they will be able to execute the project, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner
  • Plumbers usually have a warranty and insurance coverage for anything that may go wrong.

Cost Factors for Waterline Repiping in Florida

The national average for repiping a house is $1,188, depending on the size of the home, the number of plumbing fixtures, the location of the pipes, their material, and other factors. We gathered the average cost for this service in five different cities in Florida to gauge an approximate cost:

  • Tampa: $1,516
  • Orlando: $1,047
  • Gainesville: $534
  • Boca Raton: $779
  • Miami: $779

Material Costs

These average costs can also be further broken down by the types of materials used for repiping. Below are the costs to expect per linear foot for copper, PEX, CPVC, and PVC (used for drain, waste, and venting purposes).

  • Copper: $3 per linear foot
  • PEX: $1.15 per linear foot
  • CPVC: $0.98 per linear foot
  • PVC: $2-$4.50 per linear foot

Labor Costs

In addition to material costs, you can also expect the cost of labor to be a driving force behind the total amount you will pay for water-aligned re-piping. The labor costs vary from city to city and we gathered information on five cities in Florida to give you an estimate on what to expect for the minimal cost, average cost, and the maximum cost to hire a plumber.


City in Florida Minimum Cost Average Cost Maximum Cost
Tampa $91 $375 $660
Orlando $96 $397 $699
Gainesville $94 $387 $680
Boca Raton $95 $392 $689
Miami $91 $374 $657


To get the best value for your buck, we recommend following the following tips on hiring the best plumber, for repiping your waterline:

  • Request quotes from multiple plumbing services
  • Make sure that the plumbing service you hire offers transparent pricing
  • Be sure that there is a warranty on the services being provided
  • Read reviews, testimonials, and references to ensure that the plumbing service provider you’re considering has a positive reputation among their customers.
  • Check their website to ensure that they are licensed and insured to provide the services they are offering. Most reputable plumbers usually have their license number on their website. For insurance, you may have to request documentation.

Permit and Inspection Fees

Because re-piping a waterline system is a major renovation in a home that can impact the safety of the residents and nearby public, a permit is normally required. The fees for such permits will vary from county to county. In areas like Miami, the minimum fee for plumbing begins at $166.63, but this fee will increase depending on the type of plumbing work being done.

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