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At South Florida Plumbing And Backflow, we understand most people don’t have their home or business plumbing on their minds until something happens. Whether it’s an emergency repair, an update to an existing service, or an entirely new installation, we’re here to help.

Our team of Fort Lauderdale plumbing professionals has the expertise required to take on even complex plumbing tasks and complete them quickly and efficiently. If you’re experiencing any type of home or commercial plumbing problems, we’re the plumbers in Fort Lauderdale you need on your side. Here are a few examples of ways our team of licensed plumbers helps clients every day.

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You can be sure that we’ll never try to sell you a generalized solution for your plumbing problems. Not us. We will work with you on an individual basis to provide customized solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Clogged drains tend to be smelly and frustrating. Finding the cause of the clog becomes a challenge the property owner decides to tackle. However, doing so often appears impossible, as drain problems frequently occur as a result of a problem deep within the system. For instance, roots may grow into the pipes or a pipe may have collapsed. When problems arise, property owners often find they need the assistance of a plumber to locate and fix the problem. In the past, owners regularly discovered the pipes leading to their property would need to be dug up and replaced. Fortunately, that isn’t the case today.

We can rectify many situations with the use of hydrojetting. This method involves using water pressure to remove the blockage in the drain and clean it. However, the appropriate amount of pressure must be used or the pipes could sustain damage and need replacement. For this reason, property owners need to leave this task to the licensed professionals, and our team is ready to help. Call for drain cleaning today to learn which methods will resolve the problem you are experiencing and get your drains working properly again. Our team assists with drainage cleaning of any type, including storm drain cleaning.

Most property owners don’t think about their plumbing until they detect a problem. However, prevention remains the best course of action, especially when one is dealing with backflow. When a plumbing system’s direction flow reverses, problems arise. Often, this happens when there is a pressure alteration somewhere within the system, and the backflow could lead to contamination of the water supply. When this happens, anyone who drinks the water or washes their hands with the water could become ill. Most plumbing systems have one or more devices in place to ensure backflow doesn’t become an issue. Nevertheless, these devices can fail, and property owners should have them inspected regularly to make certain issues haven’t arisen with the device.

In the event they detect a problem, the plumber offers recommendations on correcting the issue to protect the health of all who use the water supply. In addition, plumbers recommend property owners keep potable water on hand to use if they find a problem, so occupants of the property have a supply of drinking water and water for other purposes as the repairs are being made. Contact our team to have your backflow preventer tested. It’s best to work with professionals who maintain backflow recertification. This ensures the job is done right the first time.

Old pipes can lead to New Problems!  South Florida Plumbing and Backflow can detect and repair leaks or problem pipes and fittings that could lead to major damage in your home.    

Property owners must watch for signs they need their property repiped. For instance, when the water color changes to grey or dark brown, owners must call a plumber as this shows the pipes need work. However, a light brown or red tint in the water suggests the same things and calls for a visit from a plumber. Leaks indicate the plumbing system has an issue, and it might call for repiping, and the same holds true for a water flow that has slowed. Finally, older properties need to undergo a plumbing inspection to determine if problems are impending.

Repiping helps to stop these problems in their tracks. Owners need to understand repiping a property offers many benefits. Water pressure increases, and the plumbing increases in efficiency. The property owner obtains peace of mind, knowing they have prevented problems, and water won’t do significant damage to their asset. Furthermore, repiping jobs typically come with a warranty and boost the value of the property helping to offset the cost of this project.

Repiping Copper Water Lines: Copper water lines typically have a lifespan of around 40 to 50 years. Many homes in the South Florida region fall within this age range and may encounter water line leaks in their copper systems. If you’re grappling with such issues, our repiping services can provide the ideal solution to restore your plumbing system’s integrity and efficiency.

Repiping Polybutylene Water Systems: It’s worth noting that most insurance companies now hesitate to insure homes equipped with polybutylene water lines due to their known issues. If you have a poly water system and are facing insurance challenges, our repiping services are here to address this concern. We can repipe your water system, ensuring it meets the required standards and eliminates insurance-related worries.

Repiping Drain Systems: Old cast iron drain systems typically have a lifespan of approximately 40 to 50 years. If your home has surpassed the 40-year mark and you’re experiencing slow drains and backups, these symptoms could be indicative of sewer lines collapsing due to the deteriorating condition of the cast iron drain lines.

Our solution? We dig tunnels under homes and buildings to replace water or sewer lines. We DO NOT cut your floors – no need to leave your home! We can replace your aging drain system with modern PVC pipes and fittings that adhere to current building codes, ensuring a durable and reliable plumbing system for years to come. Say goodbye to drain woes with our expert repiping services.

Plumbing emergencies happen at any time, day or night. Thankfully, our emergency plumbers remain on call around the clock to help when a problem arises. Most people think of a burst pipe or water leak when they think of emergency plumbing, but gas leaks also fall under this category. They remain the most dangerous as well, as a gas leak could lead to an explosion or the death of one or more occupants of the property. Never delay when dealing with an emergency plumbing problem.

Call on our 24/7 plumber for help right away. While waiting for the technician from the 24 hour plumbing team to arrive, turn off the water. Remove any items that may interfere with the plumber doing his job. Any delay increases the risk of damage, so doing this before the plumber arrives allows them to resolve the problem more rapidly. Additionally, clean up as much water as possible. This reduces the amount of work the plumber must do before addressing the actual problem. If the problem is a gas leak, vacate the home and wait for assistance.

Water heaters come with an average lifespan of eight to 12 years. Property owners must understand this and have their water heater checked regularly if it has been in place for over eight years. A failure to do so could lead to damage to the home if the tank develops a leak and the water spills everywhere. A small water tank holds 40 gallons. Imagine those 40 gallons on the floor of your home or commercial property, and it quickly becomes apparent why regular inspections of this appliance are necessary. In the event the plumber detects a problem, the system may need repairs to keep it up and running.

If the problem calls for a replacement, property owners find they have some decisions to make. Today, property owners discover they don’t have to go with a conventional water heater. They might choose to upgrade to a tankless water heater to have an unlimited supply of hot water while freeing up some space in the home. Speak with our South Florida plumber to determine which option is right for your property.

A water leak often goes undetected for an extended period. Property owners must remain vigilant and immediately call a South Florida plumbing provider if they see spots on the walls or ceiling of their property or puddles on the floor. The sound of dripping water requires an immediate inspection as does the presence of mold anywhere in the building or home. Furthermore, a decrease in water pressure in one or more water spigots or fixtures in the home calls for inspection by licensed plumbers. Leaky pipes remain a concern, but a slab leak could be the culprit and this is harder to detect.

Fixing leaks starts with leak detection and state-of-the-art methods make this process easier today. For instance, the plumber uses a video camera inspection as a leaking detector and identifies the source of the problem. Plumbing leak detectors become of great help at this time, so contact our certified plumbers for help with this task.

Walk through your property and count the number of plumbing fixtures. It surprises many property owners to see how many they have. Over time, these fixtures wear out or accumulate sediments. This leads to leaks, a loss of water pressure, noises within the plumbing, or problems with the water temperature. For some individuals, replacing a fixture in the home remains an effortless task. Others, however, need help, and our quality plumbers tackle this task on their behalf. Whether it’s a slow flushing toilet or a bathtub replacement faucet, they’ll have the plumbing up and running again in no time at all.

Many homes and commercial properties today use a septic system. This system needs regular cleanings to keep it operating properly and to ensure the drain field doesn’t develop problems. Before purchasing any property with a septic tank, experts recommend having the system pumped, cleaned, and inspected before finalizing the purchase. This ensures the new owner won’t be looking at a septic tank replacement immediately after occupying their new property. Furthermore, property owners must know local regulations regarding septic systems.

Many localities require cleanings to occur on a certain schedule. During this cleaning, the plumber inspects the system and identifies any current or potential problems. Nobody wants raw sewage on their property, and our certified plumbers work to prevent this problem from arising. Call us today to learn more about our septic tank services, as we offer everything from septic tank cleaning to replacement of the system. It’s all a matter of what you need to ensure your system remains up and running at all times.

Homeowners considering a home improvement project should put a kitchen or bath remodel on their list of possible tasks to undertake. According to Opendoor.com, taking on kitchen or bathroom remodeling adds more than $10,000 to the value of the average home. Although the homeowner will spend money to carry out this task, they recoup a significant portion of the cost when they go to sell the residence. For those who don’t plan to sell their home, the enjoyment they get from the remodeled area justifies the money they put into the project. Many individuals believe this is one task they can tackle on their own. It’s best to call in the professionals, however.

First, professionals finish the job in less time, which means the homeowner gets use of the space again quickly and can reap the benefits. Additionally, professionals know how to deal with any problems that arise with the project and handle these challenges in the most cost-effective way possible. Homeowners need to recognize this and leave this job to those with experience. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the home improvement and plumbing field.

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Have plumbing questions? We have answers! Our team of experienced plumbers in Fort Lauderdale, FL is here to help you with all your plumbing needs, from drain cleaning to plumbing emergencies. We've gathered expert insights to address all your concerns, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing is in good hands.

Explore our FAQs to discover when it's time for drain cleaning, our service areas, advice for handling plumbing emergencies, and more! We're dedicated to providing you with the information and solutions you need to keep your plumbing running smoothly.

It’s very important to regularly flush your water heater, or have it professionally flushed, at least one time annually. Doing so will minimize the accumulation of mineral deposits and other types of sediment that can take away from your heater’s performance. If you have hard water issues in Fort Lauderdale, you might need to flush your tank as many as four times a year to maintain it properly. You should also routinely inspect your water heater simply by looking at it closely. Scan for leaks or any other obvious issues. Finally, it’s important to replace your anode rod if 6 inches or more of its central steel wire is exposed. Performing these maintenance tips as described will help your water heater live its longest life.

One of the most obvious signs that your septic tank needs pumping is that your sewer cleanout has accumulated wastewater. You should also scan for any areas where water is pooled around your septic tank, because that’s an indication that it’s full, and the water has nowhere else to go except to leach into the surrounding ground. And of course, one of the most obvious signs that your septic tank needs to be emptied is a foul odor. If you smell sewage, it’s time to call the pump service. Finally, if you notice that water is backing up from the lowest-level drain in your home or business, you should also consider having the tank pumped out.

That can be a difficult process. It’s simple if you see obvious pooling in your yard or basement, or if your water bills suddenly become a lot higher than they typically are. Other obvious signs of a water leak include mold and mildew development, a sudden drop in output pressure, and/or stained ceilings, floors or walls. And sometimes you can see water leaking, or hear it. However, in some cases, there may be a small, hidden leak that’s nearly impossible to detect without professional equipment – like a tiny pinhole leak under the ground’s surface somewhere in your yard.

You can count on us for everyday service availability in Deerfield Beach, FL, and we’re available 24 hours, even in the middle of the night on a major holiday.

Backflow occurs when the water inside your supply pipes reverses its flow direction. Its most common cause is inadequate pressure to keep the system flowing forward. This problem can be long-lasting, and possibly caused by equipment that’s faltering and ready to break down. It may also be caused when multiple people are using different water sources throughout the structure at the same time, causing water pressure to suddenly drop. Additionally, double-handled faucets and other junctions where two different temperatures of water meet sometimes cause backflow. And finally, backflow issues can result from negative pressure siphonage, as well as sediment accumulation.

Every business and homeowner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida needs to ensure clean, well-functioning drains in their plumbing systems. Some of the signs that your drains need attention include frequent clogging, overflowing, slow draining, gurgling sounds, and the most obvious one, stinky odors. Other obvious signs include gnats or other insects hanging out near your drains, the presence of mold and mildew nearby, and water bubbling up from them. Overall, you should have your drains cleaned at least once annually, and more frequently as needed to guarantee consistently safe performance.

We won’t keep you waiting, and we’ll go out of our way to ensure that your commercial plumbing system is restored to efficiency as fast as possible. We are always on standby and ready to assist you in Deerfield Beach, Florida. So, never hesitate to call us whether your restroom drains are clogged, commodes are overflowing, a pipe bursts, or a more serious issue develops. We’re here to help!