How Much Does it Cost for Professional Leak Detection in Florida?

Professional Leak Detection

Sometimes some issues occur in our home that require professional intervention and repair. And nothing is more critical to address than a potential leak. Leaks bring a lot of damage and safety concerns, which is why leak detection methods have been developed and advanced to find their source faster.

In this blog, we will address the different types of leaks that occur, the signs that indicate a leak, and the factors affecting the costs of leak detection in Florida. Read on to gain insight into the type of costs you should expect when leaks happen in your home.

Common Types of Leaks in Florida

Leaks in Florida come in different forms and different locations of the home or property. In general, though, they can be categorized into water or gas leaks.

Water Leaks

Water leaks, regardless of where they originate, are extremely wasteful. Sometimes they are so small that they aren’t discovered or suspected until a water bill comes in with a higher-than-usual amount. In other instances, the large size of a leak will have you calling for immediate plumbing assistance.

Gas Leaks

While water leaks pose significant concerns, gas leaks bring a whole new level of nervousness. Gas leaks release methane and other volatile organic compounds that are extremely dangerous for inhalation. They also hurt the surrounding environment and may pose health risks. These leaks must be detected and repaired as quickly as possible.

Signs of Leaks in Florida

Both water and gas leaks carry with them great concerns, making it important that we notice their signs as soon as possible. A leak shows several hints of its presence from high water bills, water stains, and unexplained puddles, to foul odor and weird sounds.

High Water Bills

The first telltale sign of a water leak, regardless of its size, is of course a high water bill. Even a small drip from a water faucet creates great water waste and will spike your bills. When you see that number go up, we urge you to begin an investigation for a leak especially if your water usage habits haven’t changed.

Water Stains or Mold

Water creates stains when it floods an area too much. Increased levels of moisture also lead to mold, which can create many hazards of its own. Please do not dismiss these signs of water leaks because they lead to significant structural damage when ignored.

Unexplained Puddles

If you’re seeing puddles around your home or property that have no explanation then there may be a leak in the area. Try to clean up the puddle and if it continues to reappear, block off the area to prevent slip hazards.

Foul Odor

When there is a gas leak, you may pick up a smell of rotten eggs around the source of the leak. As for water leaks that have gone on too far, you will begin to smell mildew or mold as it develops quickly in damp areas. Either of these odors are to be investigated immediately.

Hissing Sounds

A hissing sound is very common when there is a gas leak present. When you hear this sound, we urge you to contact a professional immediately for emergency assistance.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Professional Leak Detection in Florida

Detecting leaks is very important but how much does this problem cost an average homeowner end up paying for such services? On average, the cost of leak detection services is driven by the following factors:

  • The type of the leak (gas vs. water) and its size
  • The location of the leak and how accessible it is for detection and repair
  • Technology used to detect the leak
  • If emergency services were used and the response time required

There are no leaks that are identical to each other and unless it is an emergency, we recommend that you always get a quote for the services before the technician begins their work.

Average Costs and Price Range in Florida

In Florida, water leaks can occur in the general plumbing system, water lines, slabs, or pools. On average, we have the costs to detect such leaks ranging between $90-$100. However, you should keep in mind that when leak detection services arrive, repair services usually have to follow as well. Leak repairs will also add to the cost, depending on the size and location of the leak.

Gas leaks are priced slightly differently than water leaks. In Florida, detecting a gas leak can cost between $7-$8 per linear foot, but if it’s underground, that cost can shoot up to $15 per linear foot. The accessibility of the leak will greatly determine the final cost of services you will pay.

Suspecting a Leak in Your Home?

Think you got a gas or water leak in your home? Contact SF Plumbing today for prompt and professional leak detection services. With the help of our skilled technicians, your home will soon be restored to safety.


FAQ: Water & Gas Leak Detection

Why is leak detection so expensive?

Leak detection can be expensive because of the equipment being used for the service, the level of expertise of the professional, size and location of the leak. Be sure to get a quote for the cost of services before the technician begins the work.

Should I buy a gas leak detector?

A gas leak detector installed in your home may help alert you before significant damage is caused. Consult your local plumber for the leak detectors for your home and for tips on how to use them.

Is there a device to detect water leaks?

There are a few devices available on the market that can help detect a water leak before it presents bigger challenges in your home. We recommend talking to your plumber about the best water leak detection devices for your home.

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