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Our professional plumbers at South Florida Plumbing and Backflow have earned our superior reputation in Lighthouse Point, Florida, and surrounding communities with decades of motivated, meticulous service. We’re available every day of the year, even on major holidays, to provide emergency assistance whenever you need us. Our licensed and insured expert technicians provide same-day service, accurate advice, the best products, affordable pricing, and big smiles.

Home and business owners in this area trust us to maintain their plumbing and backflow systems all year long. Talk to us about a scheduled maintenance plan to ensure that your water supply and drainage systems stay in peak shape. And think of us first whenever you have a clogged drain or commode, need your septic tank cleaned, have a pipe burst in the middle of the night, or would like a quote for an entirely new plumbing system. We’re always here to assist!

Our Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services in Lighthouse Point

When a plumbing issue develops in your business space, it can slow down production, cost you money, and put your staff and patrons at risk. You can count on fast, efficient, affordable services from South Florida Plumbing and Backflow anytime you need us.

Our precise plumbing services include:

Contact our intelligent and helpful team today to discuss your needs. We’ll develop a customized solution to optimize your plumbing system so that you can get back to business, and back to the profit zone!


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If your bathroom or kitchen drain is clogged, it’s a serious disruption to everyday life. It makes it difficult to efficiently clean your house, clean yourself, cook, water your plants, or do your dishes. That’s no fun! Plus, clogged drains are breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause stinky odors to permeate your atmosphere. Mold and mildew development is also likely unless you address the situation. Call us today, and we’ll send a qualified plumber.

It’s never been as important as it is today to maintain potable, hygienic drinking/cooking water in your home and business. South Florida Plumbing and Backflow tests, repairs, installs, and replaces all makes and models of backflow systems. You’ll feel good knowing that yours remains in perfect operating order all year long with routine service calls from our knowledgeable, friendly technicians.

If you have older pipes that are inefficient and need replaced, or you require new plumbing system installation in Lighthouse Point, Florida, then trust our experienced team for cost-effective, high-value services. We are comprehensively licensed, insured, and dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We care about pleasing every customer, and continuing to develop our superior reputation in this area.

There’s never a bad time to contact South Florida Plumbing and Backflow if you have a plumbing emergency. We’re always standing by ready to assist, and get your home or business back to normal.

If you’ve noticed a spike in your water bills lately, or you see water pooling, call us and let us assess and repair the issue. You might have a pinhole leak in one of your pipes that’s very difficult to isolate.

Our professional technicians are knowledgeable and skilled about all types of tankless water heater systems. We test, repair, install, and replace all makes and models.

For help from a 24 hour plumber, call us now. Our fast, professional response is what sets South Florida Plumbing and Backflow apart from the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our skilled plumbers in Lighthouse Point exclusively utilize high-quality parts and components from reputable manufacturers, ensuring they are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, South Florida Plumbing is dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of every customer. From the initial phone call to ongoing maintenance of your residential or commercial plumbing system, we prioritize efficiency and safety. You can rely on us for dependable service availability in Lighthouse Point, FL, even during late hours and major holidays.

In the event of a plumbing emergency as a homeowner in Lighthouse Point, the first step is to remain calm. While it can be unsettling when water is flowing where it shouldn’t, maintaining composure is crucial. Quickly and safely locate your main water supply and shut it off to stop the flow and prevent further damage. Typically, you can find the shut-off valve near the water meter, where your main water supply enters your home. After turning off the water, open all your faucets to drain the pipes and release built-up pressure. Then, contact South Florida Plumbing, and we’ll dispatch a team to your Lighthouse Point location to assess the issue, offer expert advice, and provide cost-effective repair or replacement options as needed.

South Florida Plumbing proudly extends its plumbing services to Lighthouse Point, encompassing the entire Palm Beach and Broward counties area. You can rely on us for prompt and budget-friendly plumbing services tailored to your needs in:

    • Lighthouse Point, FL
    • Boca Raton, FL
    • Deerfield Beach, FL
    • Coral Springs, FL
    • Delray Beach, FL
    • Fort Lauderdale, FL
    • Coconut Creek, FL
    • Oakland Park, FL
    • Pompano Beach, FL
    • Sunrise, FL
    • Tamarac, FL
    • And many more local areas!

If you reside in Lighthouse Point or any neighboring area in South Florida, you can count on us for our services. Reach out to our friendly team to confirm. We’re available around the clock to cater to your plumbing needs.

At South Florida Plumbing, our team of experts provides comprehensive plumbing services for both residential and commercial properties, including those in Lighthouse Point. We extend the same high level of care to our commercial clients as we do for residential ones. Recognizing the urgency of addressing plumbing issues in a business setting, we prioritize swift service. Whether it’s clogged restroom drains, overflowing toilets, burst pipes, or more critical problems, we’re here to assist you in Lighthouse Point, Florida. Feel free to reach out at any time; we’re here to help!

There are several common signs that might suggest the need for drain cleaning in Lighthouse Point. If your drain frequently clogs or overflows, it’s a clear signal of a potential blockage. Foul odors emanating from your drains could be due to the accumulation of food waste, grease, and debris, indicating the need for cleaning. Slow drainage in your shower or bathroom sink may be caused by the buildup of hair, soap residue, or other obstructions. Additionally, if you hear gurgling noises during drainage or observe unexplained spikes in your water bills, it’s advisable to consider drain cleaning.

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