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Property owners rarely know they have a leak within their plumbing system until they receive an outrageous water bill. Their first call tends to be to the water company and the second to quality plumbers. However, certain signs show the need for water leak detectors. Furthermore, the problem could be a slab leak rather than leaky pipes. Property owners often cannot know this unless they call in a commercial or residential plumbing company. Using state-of-the-art leak detection equipment, the residential or commercial plumber determines where the problem is and offers recommendations for fixing it. 

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Signs of a Leak

​​The sound of dripping water often serves as the first sign there is a leak or it might be a rising water bill. Puddles on the floor, spots on the walls or ceiling, and mold indicates there is a problem somewhere. In addition, any time there is a loss of pressure in one or more plumbing fixtures in the home or office, it’s time to bring in licensed plumbers to locate the problem. Cracks in the walls or floors of the building show a south Florida plumber needs to pay a visit to the property. The same holds true when a person notices an increase in pests on the property, as these pests look for a water source, and the building might provide that source. The smell of sewage or moisture under carpets and rugs are additional indications there is a leak somewhere on the property. 

Locating the Problem

When the water remains hidden behind a wall, under a floor, or in the slab, property owners often struggle to identify the source of the problem. Plumbing companies send out a plumber with camera to go through the pipes on the property and examine them for leaks and other issues. This camera serves as a leaking detector and reduces the time needed to find the leak. Cracked or corroded pipes often serve as the source of the leak. However, the issue might lie in the underground pipes that bring water to the home, or the leak could come from a clogged drain or sewer line. Plumbers in south Florida examine all parts of the system to ensure they don’t overlook any leaks. 

Leak Detection

Gas Leaks

However, plumbers also become of great help when the problem involves one or more gas lines on the property. Never ignore a gas leak, as something as simple as turning on a light switch could lead to an explosion. Certified plumbers know what steps to take in this situation to keep all occupants of the property safe and resolve the problem. Never hesitate to call a 24/7 plumber if you smell gas anywhere on the property and call the fire department for assistance. The firefighters can help ensure problems don’t arise as the problem is being fixed. Failing water heaters often serve as a source of gas leaks in the home. A residential plumber comes in and examines the appliance to learn the cause of the leak and make any necessary repairs. This plumber South Florida might recommend the replacement of the appliance and can carry out this task. 

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