Understanding Average Hourly Plumbing Rates in Deerfield Beach

Plumbing Rates in Florida

When things break down at home, there is a certain level of nervousness in homeowners. After all, many home repairs are not only inconvenient and stressful, but they can also be costly. This is especially true about plumbing repairs, which can vary in complexity and cost. If you’re facing a plumbing issue in your home, you may be wondering how much the repairs will cost you.

This article aims to answer this question, investigating all the factors that have a role in the hourly service costs for plumbers in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Factors Affecting Plumber Costs in Deerfield Beach, FL

Labor Rates

On average, the hourly labor rates for plumbers range between $180 and $489. The total price quoted to you will significantly depend on the expertise of the plumber and the nature of the repair.

Plumbers are typically divided into three categories that are based on their level of expertise. These categories include apprentice, journeyperson, and master. An apprentice will be someone working under the direction of a more experienced plumber, like a journeyperson or master plumber. Apprentice plumbers charge smaller fees, while a journeyperson or master will charge more.

The type of plumber you hire for the job will significantly depend on the complexity of the job you need to have done. If it is for unclogging the toilet or replacing certain fixtures around the home, you may be okay with just an apprentice. However, if you’re dealing with a slab leak or sewer leak, you will want someone with more experience, like a journeyman or plumber.

Geographic Location

The geographic location of where the plumbing services are provided will also play a role in their cost. Here are some of the reasons the geographic location impacts plumbing prices:

  • Local economic factors, such as the cost of living, will influence the price of goods and services. Deerfield Beach, FL, is one of the top 8% of the most expensive cities in the world, and obviously, prices throughout the city will reflect this fact. Rural areas will see a lower cost for such services.
  • Supply and demand of services will also drive the plumbing costs. Those areas in Florida with a more dense population lead to more customers needing plumbing services. Deerfield Beach is one of the most populated cities in Florida, which means the supply and demand lead to higher plumbing service costs than less populated regions.
  • Regulations and licensing may also differ from one city or county to the next, making your plumber invest in more training programs. More licenses means higher pricing.

These are some of the factors of the geographic location that can impact the hourly plumbing costs in Florida. Remember to always ask for the pricing of services before they begin so that you are fully aware of everything you will owe.


Types of Plumbing Service in Florida

Of course, not all plumbing services are made equal, and the type you need in your home will be a significant indicator of the price you pay for it. Plumbing services vary in complexity and the materials used to perform them. Here are the types of plumbing services and their impact on the average hourly rate of plumbers:

Emergency Plumbing

Emergency plumbing issues happen all the time. Whether you have a clogged toilet, a sewer leak, or a slab leak, all of these issues will require the assistance of an expert. Though clearing out a toilet’s clog isn’t as expensive as repairing a sewer leak, you will still feel the impact on the service cost amid any emergency.

Repair Services

There are also plumbing issues that can be repaired, such as a leaking toilet, hot water heater boiler, or a burst pipe. However, these types of repairs vary in complexity and the materials needed for the service. If your plumbing repair requires the replacement of particular parts, the service costs more to cover the costs of materials.  The good news is that those materials will help make your home safer and more comfortable.


Plumbing installations also vary in price. For example, installing a new water fixture will be less work and less costly than installing a new water heater. Some plumbers in Florida offer discounts and specials on installations. At South Florida Plumbing and Backflow, we offer our customers $200 off on a new water heater or tankless heater. Contact us for more details!

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance also has a cost, though this cost isn’t as hefty as the other types of services. More importantly, maintenance services are an investment that will help you get the most out of your plumbing system without paying expensive repair and replacement fees.

Average Hourly Rates Across Florida

Florida is a gorgeous state that is adored by many of its residents and tourists. As you visit each city, you will get a different picture of the prices and overall cost of living. The average cost of plumbing services will equal about $303, with a typical range of $173 to $440.

The Importance of Getting Quotes of Service Costs in Florida

Clearly, there is no precise formula that will help you know just how much you will end up paying for what you need. The best recommendation we can give you is to request quotes from the plumbers you are considering hiring. This will give you the full picture of costs owed before committing to a service. The good thing is that many plumbers offer free quotes, which don’t force you to agree to the price that seems too high or unfair.

Call Us for a Free Quote in Florida!

At SF Plumbing and Backflow, we value quality service and transparency. We offer free quotes to all our customers. Call us today to talk to us about the services your home needs. We will create a plan and ensure you get the best value for your money.

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