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Water Heater Installation and Repair

Property owners rarely think about their water heater until it stops working. When they must take a cold shower or bathe in freezing water, they want the problem resolved immediately. Sadly, most water heaters today have an average lifespan of eight to 12 years. Once this period has passed, this appliance may fail at any time. When it does so, the water escaping the tank could flood the home. Don’t allow this to happen. Contact plumbers in South Florida to have the appliance inspected to catch any potential problems early.

Water Heater Installation

Common Water Heater Issues

​South Florida plumbing companies see certain problems repeatedly with water heaters. Sediment buildup in the tank remains a problem with many tanks, and clients often call a plumber South Florida for help with water temperature issues. Other people contact a plumber when they hear noises coming from the tank. All the above show there is a problem within the appliance that needs attention.

More Common Water Heater Issues

Sediment buildup frequently leads to a smell of rotten eggs. However, certain property owners notice they don’t get as much hot water, which could show sediment has built up in the tank and is using space previously occupied by heated water. Noises from the tank often occur when the heating mechanism burns the sediment.

At times, clients call a plumber South Florida because the water isn’t hot anymore. This problem may be nothing more than someone in the home changing the thermostat on the tank. However, when the tank provides no hot water, look to the heating element as the culprit. A South Florida plumber helps with these common issues and those that are less common.

Water Heater Options

Thanks to advances in plumbing in South Florida and across the country, property owners now have options when it comes to their water heater. In the past, licensed plumbers would offer property owners the choice of a gas or electric water heater with a tank. Today, certified plumbers can offer clients a tankless water heater for their residential or commercial plumbing system. Each option comes with benefits and drawbacks. Most properties come equipped with a conventional water heater. This reduces the price of a new water heater installation project, which owners are certain to appreciate. In addition, men and women know more about this option, thus they feel more comfortable choosing it. Nevertheless, conventional water heaters cost more to operate, due to heat loss when water sits in the tank.

Tankless and Hybrid Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters come with many benefits. Individuals receive access to hot water on demand, and the water heater takes up no floor space. This becomes of great importance in small spaces. However, as water heater installers explain, they must do certain things to the property before putting in a tankless water heater. The water heater installer walks the client through the process so they understand what this involves. Talk with the best plumbers about a hybrid water heater as well

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Never ignore water heater leaks, as a failing or leaking water heater can damage the property. Whether you need a water heater repair or wish to upgrade to a tankless water heater, we can help. Our water heater installation South Florida team works with clients to determine which option best meets their needs and their budget. We hire quality plumbers to handle your residential plumbing problems or any problems your business is experiencing, as we are much more than South Florida water heater installers. Contact us today to learn more.