Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance

Although water heaters are one of the most integral parts of the plumbing system of a home, they are also one of the most overlooked. Because they are tucked away in closets, basements, and even in attics, homeowners sometimes neglect their water heaters, leading to plumbing issues. With a little maintenance, homeowners can avoid the cost and aggravation of water heater repair. This information will help homeowners in South Florida understand the importance of water heater maintenance.  If you are in need of the best company to provide Water Heater Maintenance services look no further than SF Plumbing & Backflow! ​

Why Is Water Heater Maintenance So Important?

Two enemies are constantly warring against your water heater. These are sediment and rust. When these two cause damage, homeowners need to call quality plumbers, to ensure the repairs are carried out precisely. Both of these can lead to water heater leaks, which is something no homeowner wants to face. Water heaters are lined with glass to prevent them from rusting. Over time, minute openings can develop in the liner, causing rust to form. Once the rust grows, it will eat away at the integrity of the metal tank and will eventually lead to leaks. The other enemy of a water tank, sediment, is formed by calcium carbonate. This mineral settles to the bottom and forms a thick layer. When sediment forms, it renders the heating elements useless and even affects gas-heated tanks. When a water heater has been neglected for many years, homeowners will face the need for a new water heater installation. Besides the cost of replacement or repair, neglecting your heater could lead to a leaking water heater problem that causes significant water damage. Maintenance is one of the most important steps a homeowner can take, to ensure their water heater performs efficiently and does not create any problems that would require the services of licensed plumbers.

Different Types of Water Heaters

Homeowners have a few options available for water heaters. The following offers information on each of the types and how they work. To ensure you choose the right one for your home, it is wise to consult with certified plumbers.

Conventional Storage Tank

When homeowners seek water heater installation in South Florida, they often choose conventional tanks. This water heater is heated by gas or electricity and has a storage tank that is made of steel. This tank holds the heated water and refills it as needed. Conventional water heaters are typically less expensive than some other types, such as tankless water heaters. The biggest drawback of this water heater is it only holds a specific amount. If you have a large family, other options may be better. Tankless Water Heaters This type of water heater is often referred to as an on-demand heater. As its name suggests, there is no holding tank with this type of water heater. Instead, the water passes through super-heated coils that can heat the water immediately, so it is available on demand. Tankless water heaters come in different sizes, so it is important to consult South Florida water heater installers, to ensure you choose the right size for your family’s needs. This is an ideal water heater for large families. Tankless water heaters are high in energy efficiency but are more difficult to maintain and more expensive than some tank versions.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

This water heater is often referred to as a hybrid water heater. Because this unit does not directly generate heat, it can help homeowners save money on their electricity costs. Instead of using electricity or gas, it uses heat from the air and the ground to heat the water supply of the home. Although it is cost-efficient to run, it is also one of the most expensive water heaters to purchase. It requires more space than some other types and is not a good choice for areas of the country that remain cold for long periods.

What to Do When Repair Issues Arise?

A water heater will last up to thirteen years, as long as it is properly maintained. A lack of maintenance will lead to the need for water heaters repair. One of the most common repair issues with South Florida water heater repair is leaks. When leaks begin in a home, floor damage can happen rapidly. Water heaters can also lead to other residential plumbing problems. When issues arise, homeowners need to call South Florida Plumbing and Backflow. We are the residential and commercial plumbing experts home and business owners rely on for all their water heater repair needs. Our team of water heater installers will come out and replace your old water heater with a newer and more energy-efficient model that will serve your home well. If you are unsure of how to maintain your water heater properly, call us. We will keep it running at its prime, helping to prevent the costly water damage that occurs with leaks. Give our water heater installer a call today to schedule your appointment. South Florida homeowners rely on us to get the job done right and on time, every time.

Water Heater Maintenance

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